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Our Story, Our Mission

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Our Beginnings: 

When our Founder returned back from her second world tour of “healing with movement”, she devoted her energy and focus to humanitarian aid and volunteered internationally to assist people. She developed the H.E.A.L. method in her response to the refugee crisis in Europe.  H.E.A.L is made up of three components;  Improv, Movement, and Music. Because of this work, she was offered the opportunity to represent Ireland (her adopted other’s home country)  for a United Nations mission educating Cypriots on the Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. She landed this dream job right as the Covid 19 crisis went global, so she didn’t get to go to Cyprus.  However, she turned to investing and inventing for her local community, Kansas City.  She reignited her mission for global change by starting at home, at her roots here in Kansas City. And so, United Letti was born.

What’s in a Name?

The name and logo for United Letti come from a few key sources. United is an homage to the United Nations, the source of our goals, as well as a desire to unite with our community, our higher selves, and the collective humanity around the globe. Letti is a nickname for the Goddess Laetitia, the Roman Goddess of joy; with this, we hope to invoke joy and happiness within our Kansas City community as we serve. Lastly, our logo combines our initials and our favorite plant, the Monstera. When the Monstera tree is well cared for and “happy” it shows this by creating little circles on its leaves. This, to us, represents oneness and happiness we wish to share with our community and the world.





Our Goals: 

At United Letti, our goals mirror the 17 Sustainable Development Global Goals set forth by the United Nations. We support and desire to be honest and transparent in our endeavors toward fully embracing these goals which include gender equality, sustainability, responsible consumption and production, eradicating injustice and poverty, and climate action. As a company, we strive to update you on our endeavors quarterly in order to let you know where we are at with our assimilation of these goals.  We will show you how we can adapt these goals into your own lives, and how we can take action locally to facilitate others in adopting these sustainable practices. Our desire is to form systems to implement these goals and make them commonplace for our company and the companies with whom we partner. 


United Letti has a long way to go but with an intentional direction and a strong community with us, we embark on a journey to achieve and inspire, under one. 

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