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You 3d Print?!

" Oh Us? Yeah. We 3D print.

As we constantly figure out what works and more importantly was doesn't work. We first cannot thank our local business partner enough, @3DHQ for bringing our ideas to life. Learning more about the 3D world, has made our wildest dreams come true. As, Nick from 3DHQ would say, " Anything is possible with 3D printing," and man have we been grateful to learn from the best! We original started off using just PLA for produce our clips and a day before our first market, panic insured when our backing snapped off. As we frantically message 3DHQ, our worries were relived when we had a new patch of clips ready to go by noon the next day.

As much as we wanted to stay with Polylactic Acid (PLA) which is considered biodegradable and infinitely recyclable, working with metal will always win over PLA. Our next best bet was PETG, Polyethylene terephthalate glycol, which is infinitely recyclable. Stay tuned as we'll announce our local business partner on helping us achieve the status of our products

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