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See you in Portugual 

Join us for our 1st in-person 200hr Teacher Training with La Point Surf Camp in Ericeria, Portugal! 

29 days- 1 mission 

Learn the following: 

    • Basics of core-based Vinyasa and Restore

    • Coached daily on how to teach and control a classroom 

    • Pose Break down Workshop daily 

    • Learn the History of Yoga; Mudras, Chakras, Bandhas, 8 Limb Path 

    • Deep dive into Anatomy 

    • Learn different styles of Meditation 

    • Pranayamas 

    • Basic Yoga Therapy

    • How to demo in a class 

    • How to create your class 

    • Ethics 

    • Educate on different types of yoga 

    • How to Theme a Class 

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